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8 Beers to Bring to Your Super Bowl Party

8 Beers to Bring to Your Super Bowl Party

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For many of us, the end of football season is a lonely, frightening time. We wander the refrigerator aisles of the convenience store, lost and afraid, knowing that, even if our team has skin in the big game, no matter the outcome, we’ll wake up the next morning to a persistent winter, a world without touchdowns. In this dreadful state of impending ennui, it would be easy for us to just pick up the obligatory twelve-pack of Miller Lite on our way to the Super Bowl party. Please. Don’t be that guy.

8 Beers to Bring to Your Super Bowl Party (Slideshow)

The sad, watery brew — the factory-farmed McDonald’s of beers — is an apt metaphor for the bland, empty life we lead between January and August. I ask you: why go down that hole before it’s absolutely necessary? The Super Bowl is a time to celebrate the gridiron warriors we’ve lived and died over these last five months, to raise a worthy glass to our favorite gladiators and their 100-yard coliseums.

A Super Bowl party beer is a specific breed, and must satisfy a few requirements. Between all the extended commercials, and the big-budget halftime show, you’re signing on for at least four hours of nail-biting merriment. Your standard-bearers of Sunday afternoon day-drinking — your Millers and Buds — are all relatively low in alcohol content (4.00% - 5.5% ABV), a quality which allows you to safely drink quite a few cold ones without fear of stumbling too hard over the goal line. In addition, your party beer is going to have to complement the food you serve: nachos, pizza, and burgers. Therefore, a light- to medium-bodied lager or ale, lower in alcohol than the craft beers you may be used to, fits the game-day bill to a tee.

The following eight beers were chosen not just because of their serious drinkability and careful craftsmanship, but also because they represent the four teams currently vying for the top spot in America’s biggest game. Happily for us, New England, Washington State, Colorado, and San Francisco aren’t only homes to the country’s most superior teams — they’re home to some of the country’s finest breweries, as well.

10 beers to serve during your Super Bowl party

Hosting a Super Bowl party is an American rite of passage. No pressure, but you don’t want to screw it up.

It’s often the beer that separates a pleasant get-together from a classic party. Anyone can pick up a couple cases of the popular domestics, but many drinkers are becoming more savvy about their suds.

It might be time to raise the bar at your bash.

Beer expert Pat Fahey, a master cicerone, said his ideal beer lineup for a lengthy gathering such as a Super Bowl party should consist of lower alcohol content selections. “You don’t necessarily want to serve something that will have them hammered by the end of the first quarter,” Fahey said.

Most of these brews shouldn’t be hard to find and will add some excitement to your guests’ drink selections this Sunday:

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

This one is a given and can be found in grocery stores across the country. Pale ale has become the top-selling craft beer style in the country in recent years and Fahey said it won’t alienate people who don’t consider themselves beer aficionados. “Even for people who don’t have a lot of beer experience, this is a popular choice,” Fahey said. He added that the popular Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a “world-class example” of that style.

Guinness Blonde American Lager

For more than 250 years, Ireland-based Guinness has been keeping beer lovers happy — and buzzed. This new style promises a lighter taste than what many of your guests might expect from Guinness. Fahey liked this one for a Super Bowl party because “it’s approachable,” adding that he served it at his family’s holiday gathering last year. The company’s website promises its Blonde American Lager is “crisp, light, but flavorful” with citrus characteristics.

Goose Island Sofie

Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Co. is one of the most widely-available craft beer brands in the business and this elegant flavor will appeal to your most sophisticated Super Bowl party guests. Fahey once again praised this Belgian-style Farmhouse Ale for its approachability. The folks at Goose Island recommend pairing Sofie with shellfish.

Goose Island Matilda

Like Sofie, this Goose Island offering is a Belgian-style beer but in this case it’s a pale ale with a slightly higher alcohol content. Fahey said experienced beer tasters may be familiar with Matilda but, “It’s new and different and interesting for people that haven’t had something like it.”

Lagunitas IPA

This India Pale Ale (IPA) selection from California-based Lagunitas Brewing Company might not be easily found in the eastern United States but if you can track it down, Fahey fervently recommended it. On its website, the company claims you’ll be able to “knock back more than one without wearing yourself out.” In fall 2013, sales statistics showed Lagunitas alongside Dos Equis and Angry Orchard as fast-growing brands.

Harder-to-find beers to serve on Super Bowl Sunday:

Firestone Walker Pivo Hoppy Pils

When pressed to select his ultimate Super Bowl beer wishlist, Fahey listed this German-style Pilsner at the top. It’s refreshing, light and straw-colored, making this an approachable craft beer for casual drinkers. Firestone Walker Brewing Company is based in California and Fahey said it will likely be a difficult find for people who don’t live in the west.

Victory Prima Pils

For people who live in the eastern United States, Fahey recommended this craft pilsner from Pennsylvania’s Victory Brewing Company. At 5.3 percent alcohol by volume, Prima Pils likely won’t put your guests on the floor. The drink can be paired with seafood, pizza or burgers, according to the company’s website, making it ideal Super Bowl fare.

Founders All Day IPA

This is another approachable IPA that Fahey recommended because of its low alcohol content. “It’s easy to drink and fantastically delicious,” he said. All Day IPA contains 4.7 percent alcohol by volume and is one of the flagship year-round offerings from Michigan-based Founders Brewing Co.

Deschutes Black Butte Porter

If you want to serve something dark, Fahey gave the thumbs-up to this flagship offering from Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery. Despite its imposing chocolate tint, Black Butte won’t knock your guests out thanks to its 5.2 percent alcohol by volume measure.

Anderson Valley The Kimmie, The Yink, & The Holy Gose

It’s moniker is a mouthful but Fahey said this German-style gose (pronounced “Go-zuh”) beer is refreshing and slightly tart. Gose beer dates back to the year 700 and according to Fahey, “has recently become extremely popular.” If you can’t find Anderson Valley Brewing Company’s offering, several sizable craft breweries have made their own in recent years including Samuel Adams and Magic Hat.

Georgia-Brewed Beers for Falcons Fans:

① Creature Comforts Bibo (Athens) German Pilsener, 5.5% ABV

This pils is clean and refreshing, providing just a hint of lemon to balance out the biscuity malt.

Happy Georgia Beer Day! #creaturecomforts #drinklocalbeer #bibo

A photo posted by Gabe Mitchell (@gabe_mitchell) on Jan 28, 2017 at 10:04am PST

② SweetWater Blue (Atlanta) Fruit Beer, 4.6% ABV

If you're looking for something sweeter and slightly tart, this is the perfect option. The fruity aroma hits your nose up front, followed by a pleasant, lingering tang.

③ Terrapin RecreationAle (Athens) Session IPA, 4.7% ABV

This beer will take you back to the days of summer. Its piney bitterness is nicely balanced by a splash of fresh grapefruit for a totally crushable experience.

④ Red Brick Brewing Laughing Skull (Atlanta) Amber Ale, 5.3% ABV

This delicious, malty amber ale is chock-full of sweet honey and roasty caramel notes. Trust us—you won't be able to put this one down.

Most Read

"This is one of the lightest styles. It's very delicate with almost no hops," he adds.

Classic Buffalo Wings

($13 at Bounce Sporting Club in Flatiron, 55 W. 21st St.)

Nothing screams game day like a drumstick drizzled in fiery Frank's hot sauce, cayenne pepper, paprika and cider vinegar. Extinguish all that heat with blue cheese and a hoppy India Pale Ale at this rowdy Tribeca sports bar.

Beer pairing: IPA

"The hops from the beer have floral and citrus notes with a bitter finish," says Simpson, who recommends Southern Tier Brewing Company's IPA. "Hops are the spice of the beer and they have the effect of cutting through some of the spice from the vinegar notes on wings while still holding its own flavor," he adds.

5 Beers That Are Perfect for a Super Bowl Pork Fest

Here, a rundown of fantastic beers to look for while stocking up for your Super Bowl party.

Over the weekend, Dan Barber’s iconic Blue Hill at Stone Barns hosted its ninth annual Sausage & Beer dinner in a former Rockefeller estate hayloft that now resembles Hogwarts on the Hudson. The over-the-top event celebrated locally and humanely raised pork on a blockbuster scale. For the first time in the series’ history, pork whisperer Adam Kaye teamed up with a guest chef, the amazing Matt Jennings of Providence’s Farmstead Restaurant. There was pastrami-spiced pork loin and pig’s head corn dogs as well as pork accompaniments ranging from honey-whipped lardo to crunchy pig’s skin 𠇌heetos.” And the brews! Here, a rundown of the fantastic local beers served that night. Look for the labels while stocking up for your Super Bowl party and it will almost make up for not having porky 𠇌heetos” on the menu.—Phil Whitney

Bronx Brewery’s Bronx Pale Ale and Oxbow Brewing’s Farmhouse Pale Ale
Paired with: Crunchy pig’s skin 𠇌heetos,” pig’s head corn dog with smoked tomato molasses and house-made salami Toscano and roasted cauliflower.

Stillwater Artisanal Ales (Blue Hill Exclusive: Stillwater Blue Hill Once in a Lifetime brewed with Field-Malted Red Fife)
Paired with: Pastrami-spiced pork loin with celery root and sauerkraut.

KelSo Quad Bock Brooklyn
Paired with: Three sausages (Morteau, garlic and blood), potato confit and pickled cranberries.

Captain Lawrence Brewing Co., Chocolate Cherry Stout Elmsford, NY
Paired with: A selection of desserts including doughnuts with caramel and beer floats with beer ice cream.

The beer tasting hour also featured demonstrations of sausage making, the creation of whipped lardo, pig butchering and discussions led by the farmers and chefs.

To get in on the action next January, go to the Stone Barns website and become an email subscriber.

Create a Tex-Mex Super Bowls Buffet

Looking for easy-to-serve ideas for your big football viewing party? Here&aposs how to pull together a build-your-own super-duper Tex-Mex bowl bar/buffet, including top-rated recipes and how-to tips.

Tex-Mex Super Bowls

Set out a generous spread and let your guests storm the field to customize their individual bowls to suit their own game plan. Read on for recipe ideas.

A slow cooker full of Mexican-style shredded pork, beef, or chicken makes a hot and hearty base for your bowls. Pulling the meat apart into bite-size bits eliminates the need for knives. Easy to serve + easy to eat = win/win!

Beans & Rice

A must-have for your Tex-Mex menu, and a thoughtful option for guests who don&apost eat meat.

Top-Notch Toppings

Go all in with colors, flavors, and textures to top up your Tex-Mex super bowls.

You&aposve got to have fresh guacamole, so here&aposs how to rock the best guac of your life. A snappy bowl of homemade salsa will step up your flavor game here&aposs how to make it.

Everything Else

How to Buffet Like a Boss

Use a table large enough to hold one or two slow cookers plus toppings. We&aposre not talking about neat and tidy finger foods here, so do yourself a favor and cover the table with a big plastic tablecloth. You can find football-themed tablecovers and party accessories on Amazon and at party stores. Word to the wise: Shop early before they run out of the good stuff.

At one end of the buffet table, set out big soup or pasta bowls, and put a stack of paper napkins and dinner forks at the other end. (If you&aposve taken my advice and made all the food bite-size, you won&apost need knives.) Arrange all the various food down the middle of the table, and coach the crowd to start at the bowls and end with the forks. Put a little "Start Here" sign on the table if you have to. It&aposs all about going with the flow.

It&aposs always a smart move to set up the drinks in a separate area to prevent traffic jams. Keep beers on ice in a cooler or galvanized tub, and make a big pitcher of serve-yourself margaritas to go with your super Tex-Mex bowls.

The Spicy Ginger

This beer-inspired cocktail has a unique flavor punch thanks to hot sauce, ginger beer and the crisp taste of an IPA. Rather than serving plain beer to your party attendees, make the classic drink of sports entertainment a little more special with these additions.

  • A chilled pint glass
  • 1 12 oz. bottle of your favorite IPA-style beer
  • 6 oz. of lemon-lime soda pop
  • 1 oz. of simple syrup or a single sugar cube
  • 1 oz. of ginger beer
  • A dash of Tabasco jalapeño hot sauce
  • Ice
  • A pinch of salt

Fill the pint glass halfway with ice. Add the lemon-lime soda pop, simple syrup, ginger beer, hot sauce and enough beer to fill the rest of the glass. Sprinkle the salt on the top. Continue to fill the glass with beer as you drink it.

8 parents you don't want at your Super Bowl party

America's biggest sports day of the year is almost upon us, and yes, I'm talking about the Super Bowl pitting the New England Patriots against the Seattle Seahawks. When it comes to the game, most of you fall into one of three categories:

1. You love football and will be watching the game no matter what, and yes — I'm firmly planted in this category.

2. You tolerate football, but you mostly care about hanging out with friends, eating food, and watching the commercials.

3. You despise football and you will not watch the game under any circumstances.

For those of you in categories one and two, you may decide to host a Super Bowl party and watch the game with friends and family members. If so, I hope these eight parents don't show up to your gathering. More importantly, I hope you're not one of these eight parents.

1. "I'm Too Good For This" Parents: They'll sit in the corner and mumble to themselves and anyone who will listen about how they would never let their sons play such a barbaric sport, and complain about how juvenile people must be who cheer for a bunch of strangers in tight pants. Between their audible sighs, eye-rolling, and checking in with the babysitter every ten minutes, most guests want to show them to the door. Another variation is the "I'm Too Smart For This" Parents. If Edgar Allan Poe is the first person they mention when the Ravens come up in conversation, you can be pretty sure that you're in for a long night.

2. "I Have A Gambling Problem" Parents: I'm sure a lot of us put a little "sumthin' sumthin'" on the game for fun, but these folks take it a little too far. They're the parents who put Little Suzy's college fund on the line in hopes that Idina Menzel keeps her rendition of the national anthem under 2 minutes and 1 second (yes, there is an actual bet for this). The Department of Homeland Security will need to be called due to the amount of F-bombs dropped whenever they win or lose a wager. If these parents come to your party, be sure to have your spare bedroom ready, because they could be homeless before the night's over.

(On a separate note, it will be a nice change of pace to hear Menzel singing something other than "Let it Go" — because let's face it, all of us have heard that about 146,134 times in the past year.)

3. "I Have No Idea What's Going On" Parents: Parenting is hard. It's so hard, that a lot of parents don't have time to do the things that they loved to do prior to chasing their children around (going to the movies, eating at nice restaurants, going to the gym, etc.). Following sports is also one of those things. Trust me, I understand how difficult it is to sit down and watch three hours of football on a Sunday afternoon when your toddler daughter demands to keep the television locked on Disney Jr. That said, nobody wants to deal with questions like, "So what's this deflategate thing all about, anyway?" It's just the only thing every major news outlet has talked about for the past week, that's all. Take your butt to Google and figure out the rudimentary details about the game. Everyone else at the party at least knows something about the teams involved and the last thing any of them want to do is be your personal tutor when the game starts.

As the legendary Sweet Brown says, "Ain't nobody got time for that."

4. Food Snob Parents: If your Super Bowl party doesn't have any fat-free, sugar-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, plant-based snacks, Food Snob Parents aren't going to let you hear the end of it. They will complain about how chips, salsa and soda are the main reasons for childhood obesity, and every parent who eats these devilish foods are setting horrible examples. Meanwhile, they'll munch on a quinoa snack bar while making you feel guilty for taking multiple slices of pizza. Memo to Food Snobs: This is the Super Bowl. It's like Thanksgiving in February. Eating unhealthy food is part of what this day is all about, so if you have a problem with it, keep stuffing your face with your kale chips so we don't have to hear you talk.

5. "My Son Will Play Pro Football" Parents: Did you know that Little Johnny scored three touchdowns during his Pee-Wee football game last month? Of course you know, because these parents told you at least 11 times in the past hour. Forget Katy Perry, during halftime they'll ask everyone to watch the kid's highlight DVD. No offense to Little Johnny, because I'm sure he's a very nice boy with a lot of talent, but nobody at the party gives a damn about his football prowess right now. Hearing parents brag about how their kid will become the next Tom Brady or Russell Wilson is extremely annoying when the real Tom Brady and Russell Wilson are on the field.

6. "Time To Take a Nap" Parents: These parents will hire a babysitter so they can go to your party, and five minutes after they arrive they'll be passed out asleep on your bed. They couldn't care less about the game or socializing, all they want is three uninterrupted hours of shuteye and your party serves as the best possible facilitator of this goal. Other than the fact that you'll need a court order to remove them from your bed, I can't really say a bad thing about these guys. May they rest in peace.

7. "I'm Going To Let My Kids Run Wild" Parent: You better believe that the parents with the craziest kids will be the ones who'll bring their kids to your party. Why? Because nobody on the planet has the patience to babysit them for three hours, that's why. Little Suzy will bring her crayons and run them across your walls, Little Johnny will channel his inner Jay Cutler and throw footballs at everything except for his intended targets, and there will be utter chaos in your home. Will these parents offer any discipline? No way. They'll be too busy getting drunk off of your beer. and besides, it's not their house, so what do they care?

8. "I Can't Believe You Just Said That" Parents: These parents are actually quite amusing. When the alcohol starts flowing freely, so will the inappropriate comments about some cheerleader’s and/or football player's body parts. Within minutes, this person’s spouse will pull them aside for a "private conversation" that everyone will hear, and this conversation will instantly become more interesting than anything going on in the game. Tears will be shed, names will be called, someone will be blamed as the reason why their kids are so messed up, and someone will be sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future. You better believe that they'll make an appearance at your party. they always do.

Oh, and for those of you in Category 3 (you despise football and will not watch the game under any circumstances), Super Bowl Sunday should be your favorite day on the calendar.

Feel like shopping? The malls will be empty and you'll find parking right near the front.

Wanna watch a movie? Nobody will be in the theaters. Heck, you can bring your rambunctious children with you and nobody will care.

The Super Bowl is a day when everyone can be happy. as long as you're surrounded by the right people.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to determine how much money I'm going to put down for the coin toss landing on tails.

Doyin Richards is a TODAY Parents contributor who blogs at Daddy Doin Work.

8 Ways To Make Your Super Bowl Party Better Than The Game

People who host Super Bowl parties belong to one of two teams: Those who ball out and order a sh*t-ton of grub from the local wing spot and those more Delish-minded folk. The ones who scour the interwebs for recipes and tips that'll impress the pants off their guests (even if they turn out to be epic fails). If you're reading this, you're probably a member of the second team. Welcome: Sunday, February 5 is your time to shine &mdash to throw the best Super Bowl party your squad has ever seen &mdash and we have the hacks to help you do so.


If there's one thing I've never heard at a party, it's "you're making the hot dogs too quickly!" Complaints that you're not flipping those wieners fast enough, on the other hand, are common. So if grill marks aren't a requirement, just throw a whole bunch of uncooked hot dogs into a slow cooker. (A 4-quart pot can hold close to 50.) They'll release water as they cook and steam their way to perfection in two hours.


As guacamole has proven, it's not easy being green. On the off chance that a bowl of the stuff might not get eaten before it begins to brown, spray the top with some vegetable, coconut, or olive oil, then cover it with plastic wrap. The sprays acts as a barrier for oxygen, which is what makes those precious avos change color.


Ball games can be stressful, and as such, we deserve to soothe ourselves with all the chips and dip we need. The easiest way to make all the dip all at once is with your slow cooker. Fashion a foil divider for the center of the bowl, then cover the whole thing with a plastic liner. Bada bing, bada boom: You can now cook two completely different dips at the same time.


There is nothing worse than cracking open a warm one, but sometimes a warm one is all that's left on the shelves at 7-Eleven during your halftime beer run. To chill a can super fast, stick it in a bucket of ice water that's spiked with salt. Here's the science behind it: Salt lowers the freezing point of water, causing the ice to melt faster, which turns the water colder quicker, making your beer icy-cool, like, right now.


To eat or to drink, that is the question. At least it is at literally every gathering anyone in the history of time has thrown. You simply cannot hold your beer in one hand and a plate of apps in the other and consume them without committing a major party foul. (Think: Spilling your drink on your top and dropping loaded potato skins on your friend's new rug.) That's why this DIY drink holder-and-plate combo is so mind-blowingly awesome.


"No meat left behind" is our motto when it comes to chowing down on wings, and there's actually a method that will leave the bones clean and your stomach happy. First, pull off the piece of cartilage on the end of the wing, then find the skinnier bone and twist it until it pulls right out. Next, grab the bigger bone and twist that one out, too. You're left with a perfectly de-boned hunk of meat.


Why would you make a regular cheese ball when you could make one that looks like a football? And why would you line sodas up on the counter next to crudité and dip when you could use them to build the most impressive snack stadium ever? You want to be the MVP of the party, right? Well, then make a damn football-themed spread of food.


Rumor has it that because of liquor laws in certain states, membership is not always needed to purchase booze at warehouse stores like Costco, BJ's and Sam's Club. (The alcohol there tends to be about 20 percent to 40 percent cheaper than anywhere else.) If the bouncers aren't buying it, have your mom snag you a gift card next time she's there. Non-members are allowed to shop the store &mdash and snag the discounts &mdash with just a gift card.

8 Amazing Cocktails You Should Have At Your Super Bowl LI Party

Super Bowl LI is quickly approaching and our Atlanta Falcons will be taking on the New England Patriots. An occasion like this deserves an awesome party and everyone know a Super Bowl party isn’t complete without great cocktails. So if you’re throwing a party or you know someone who’s throwing a party here are some drinks you’ll definitely want to sip on throughout the game.

Super Bowl Slammer

This super simple Dr. Pepper based cocktail is a sure fire way to get your going. Plus, you can step up your game even more with a cute DIY Football glass. Click here for the recipe.

Gatorade Jell-O shots

Every athlete knows that Gatorade is key to staying hydrated during a game. Now let Gatorade keep you going during the big game. Honestly, what’s better than Jell-O shots? Add some Falcon flair and use red Gatorade. Click here for the recipe.

Tailgate Sipper

Whether you’re going to be tailgating at the actual game or in an empty parking lot with your friends, this drink is a must. With pineapple, lemon juice, and bourbon this drink will make you feel like you’re in Houston with the team. Click here for the recipe.

Georgia Peach

How can you root for the Falcons without a drink based on our home state? This simple, brightly colored drink is sure to sweeten up any super bowl party. Click here for the recipe.

Beer Cider Slam

It’s not football without beer so mix things up with this creative cocktail. Take your love of beer to the next level win you add in some cinnamon and cider. Click here for the recipe.

Game Day Sangria

Grab a mason jar and combine your love of fruit and booze. This twist on a classic drink includes apple juice, hard cider, and of course white wine. Click here for the recipe.

Super Bowl Jungle Juice

What party is complete without hunch punch, or in this case jungle juice? Can’t decide on what liquor you like the best, that’s okay because this punch has vodka, rum, tequila, and more. Find your biggest punch bowl because this drink is sure to be a hit. Click here for the recipe.

No matter what the occasion, it’s not a party without classic margaritas. If you don’t already have the recipe memorized click here for a little help.

With these drinks your Super Bowl party is sure to be one to remember. So grab a glass, mix a drink, and cross your fingers that your Atlanta Falcons will bring us home a win!