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Omelet Pizza

Omelet Pizza

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Beat eggs together with milk and salt powder.

Heat the oil in a pan and fry the salami slices a little, taking care to place them in the form of rays. the other. We grate cheese, as much as we want, and we put a lid on it so that it melts well.

Place the omelette on a plate and draw rays with ketchup.

Great appetite!

It's Edi's favorite :)

Omelet with leurda

Omelet with leurda is a simple and seasonal recipe. It can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you can choose between pickles or a salad.
Green onions or other greens can also be added to the recipe.

If you like leurda, you should try this recipe too.

Omelet pizza for breakfast!

It's a quick, filling and delicious breakfast. It only takes a few minutes to prepare. It's not really an omelet, but neither is the classic pizza: a variant that borrows something from each of these delicacies. We recommend that you prepare our recipe! We are sure you will like it!


-salt, spices - to taste


1.Cut the bread, salami and tomato into cubes.

2.Cut the hot pepper into rounds.

3.Put the cheese through the large grater.

4. Beat the eggs with the milk and salt to taste, using the fork or fork.

5. Melt the butter in the hot pan. Spread the bread cubes in a single layer on its surface.

6. Then spread the tomato cubes, salami cubes and hot pepper slices on the layer of bread. Press them lightly with a spoon or spatula.

7. Pour the egg and milk mixture over the ingredients in the pan.

8.Prepare the omelet pizza with the grated cheese and your favorite spices.

9. Cook over low heat, under the lid, until ready.

10. Transfer it to a plate. Portion it and serve it with great pleasure!

Pizza counter recipe

Ms for advice, I'm not good at dough and I'm sorry, but today I think it won't be a problem, R.
I switched it to FAVO!

With pleasure! It seems very easy for me to make a pizza counter, instead I don't know how to decorate cakes at all :))

what does the boss have to do with each other.

It has. I also did it modestly :)) I couldn't just brag about the fact that I'm so good at pizza, I said that I should say that there are things I don't know. And what's the point of giving the false impression that I'm a great cook? )

Can you tell us something about the result? How does it turn out? Crispy, soft as you just know: There are tastes and tastes.
And at what temperature do you bake the pizza top?
Thank you!

The pizza top comes out soft and fluffy, but it gives the impression that it also has some elasticity. I set the temperature to 200 degrees C, but I monitor the countertop because it is done quite quickly and I want to avoid burning the topping.

I have emotions, it's the first time I try to make pizza. Thanks for the recipe, I hope to succeed. Sincerely, Mihaelaa

With pleasure! Thank you for trusting my recipe.

Thank you very much for your help and advice, and you're right, it's pretty easy, I'm 14 years old and I managed to do it, and in the end it was really delicious.

Many before and with as many successful recipes as possible! And I started playing in the kitchen while preparing pizza :)

I made the countertop, it looked like the one in your picture. now it's in the oven and I hope it comes out. ms much advice and recipe, I will definitely enter this page

With pleasure! If you need any more advice, don't hesitate to ask. I hope the countertop met expectations.

I have a question. can the dough be made with fresh yeast? If so, how much should I have? Thank you!

Yes, the pizza top can also be made with fresh yeast. At 500 g of flour I put a cube of 25 g of fresh yeast. The sachet of dry yeast is 7 g.

I did and it worked out. Thank you for your answer! Keep it up!: D

You don't have to, I hope you keep it the same - that is, all the recipes on your blog will succeed: D

I did it after your retaliation. and the countertop came out perfectly! In addition, I added half a teaspoon of lemon pepper from KAMIS to the dough. Super taste! Respectfully Stefan!

You're right, Stefan :) If we like, we can add anything to the counter.

Tonight I also make pizza with your countertop recipe, I will turn everyone on their backs, we are 7 adults and a 4 year old dwarf, I think I will make 1 kg of flour, as if not, I think not it reaches us all.

You must make the top from a kg of flour. Otherwise you risk only making your guests crave. :)

Can I make the countertop without yeast? If possible, would it mean not to leave the dough to leaven and prepare it immediately?

My advice is not to try to make the pizza top without yeast, you will get a kind of hard cake. If you don't have yeast on hand and now have a craving for pizza, it's better to use a few slices of bread soaked in milk or even water instead of a countertop.

Thank you very much for the answer. That's what I'm going to do. A good evening :)

With pleasure! A good evening to you too.

Here I am.
I heard that powdered milk is added to pizza dough, both in mayo and in dough. I have no idea why, but that's what & quot specialists do & quot. Know something ? Or does anyone know anything?
Once again, all the admiration! And because Easter is approaching, all the best!

There are all kinds of recipes for the pizza counter, I also tried a few until I realized that I prefer this one. It seems simple to me and I can do it with the ingredients that I have almost all the time in the kitchen.
It probably exists, but I haven't heard of any powdered milk countertop recipes. At one time I was "tormented" by putting egg, lard and milk in the dough. But, overall, the pizza top obtained in this way did not seem to me to have been much better.
Easter is quite far away, I'm waiting for you to come back until then :)

Hello Carmen, you can put eggs and milk in the pizza dough and instead of olive oil, put normal oil, ie cooking oil.

how does the countertop come out? thin and fluffy or thick, crunchy?
thank you

Dana, the countertop comes out thin and fluffy. Obviously, if you follow the instructions of the recipe, that is, if you divide it into four pieces with a diameter of 25 cm. If you put it in an oven tray, the pizza top will probably be a little thicker than the one in the recipe photos.

Christ sent!
No, I don't know what Easter was like far away, when there were two more weeks until the holidays. I went into their fever about three weeks before: decorating the house, menu list and cakes, shopping in advance, etc. Finally, they passed, it was wonderful and I delighted everyone, especially with the cakes I worked on for a week. But the appreciations made me forget about fatigue. Thank you very much for the salty recipe, I made two portions and This week I promised to repeat it for some friends.
Thanks again, once again! Revin.

Really sent! It means that you were very appreciated, because it seems that you are tired, since this week you repeat the recipe :) I look forward to seeing you anytime.

This is how I prepare the pizza top, only I add GRAY (400gr flour + 100gr semolina).
A thin and crunchy countertop comes out. Yummy :)

I don't know if I would like the pizza top to be crispy. I'm thinking about what the next day will be like. :) Are you still eating?

When I make pizza, it doesn't last more than an hour.
It's one of my favorite foods (definitely crispy).
Being a crispy countertop, I think it would look like a stone the next day.

not true! if you leave it uncovered overnight it will soften due to the humidity in the air! I know this from experience :)

It is good to know that the pizza top with semolina does not harden the next day. You're still very restrained, Alexandra. :)) Not everyone has such experiences: D

Hi! My name is Naomi and I would like to know how long the countertop bakes?
thank you!:)

Hi Naomi, if you make it as thin as I did, then the pizza top should bake in 10-15 minutes (on medium heat - 175-200 degrees).

Thanks for the reply :)
the recipe is incredible
I tried it, and the countertop came out very good, although I'm a beginner.

With pleasure, next time I will try to be even more prompt)

so, this pizza top is insane .super easy and quick to make..super simple.and after baking super sensational tasty thin .. a little crispy but soft. in half an hour the pizza was done and baked..and eaten ..I was scared when I saw how soft the dough is ..but it comes out sensational.

I wouldn't have described the result of the recipe better either :) It seems that the countertop came out exactly as it should.

uh, good good. I always forget my mother's recipe on the counter, now I see that I can find it here anytime. lol. I think it will be better, my mother's came out thick, and I like it soft and thin. : *

Yes, the pizza counter recipe will be waiting for you here :) The only unpleasant thing about this thin countertop is that the pizza is eaten immediately.

I have a question. if possible: for the large, classic tray from the electric oven, too much dough comes out if I follow the recipe? Now I have yeast envelopes brought from the country, but I can't find where I am. and it's kind of over. in the future I can also use baking powder, or it won't come out the same.
Thank you !

Not much dough comes out for the classic oven tray either. But, as a precaution, you could break a piece of dough that you could turn into a mini pizza)
Guaranteed pizza top will not come out the same with baking powder, I recommend you not to try something like that. You may still be able to find yeast.

I also made pizza yesterday for the first time and I can say that it came out sensational. The countertop is fluffy thin and does not soften the next day. Mine say I should make pizza now :) thanks a lot and keep it up))

No problem! I'm curious if you will thank me in a few years, after yours will have eaten a few hundred pizzas prepared by you. I'm really afraid that then you will consider me a scapegoat :))

yes you know :)) I didn't know how to cook until a year ago but I had to learn my family laughed at me and I have to cook and I didn't like doing that but now that I found this site I will I like to cook and I will get it ready: D aa and I'm glad you're from Constanta: D

It would be good for my site to make you cook with pleasure, especially when you say that you were not attracted at all by the idea :) To understand that you are also from Constanta?

yes and I am from Constanta: d

Good evening!
My name is Misu, I am 14 years old and tomorrow I would like to try the recipe. How do I make with the yeast & quotcub & quot how much I put. And regarding the oven, I don't have a high-performance oven stove, it doesn't show me the degrees. Do I have to pay a "visit" to the pizza when it's in the oven to see if it's baked?

Hello Misu! You need to put the whole cube of fresh yeast (25 g). It is good to visit the pizza counter from time to time, it bakes quite quickly and it is good to be closely monitored. Place it in the middle of the oven and bake it over medium heat.

Thank you very much, I was waiting for your answer, tomorrow I will start making pizza, I hope it goes well. Maybe I will make many recipes from this site :)

With pleasure, I hope the result was satisfactory. You can call me Robert, don't call me :)

In the last picture, the countertop seems to be 3-4mm thick. How many mm thick must the countertop with a diameter of 25 cm be? How many mm must the top have if it is for a larger tray? What is the difference if we use a normal thin countertop or one 2-3mm thicker than in the case of a regular pizza?

In the last image is the countertop with a diameter of 25 cm - it is about 3 mm thick. For a larger tray of course the pizza top will have to have the same thickness.
I'm not sure if I understood the last question well, but I'm still trying to give an answer: if you make a countertop about 6 mm thick, then you will get a more filling pizza :) I mean it will have a lot of bread and will not look like the ones in pizzerias. But many people really want to be homemade pizza, now everything depends on tastes.

Congratulations! An extremely successful wheat recipe! It turned out great good pizza, the texture of the countertop perfect, despite the fact that I could not knead enough because I am pregnant in the last month, it was great!

Thank you! And easy pregnancy! )

very successful recipe for pizza top! I look super good with this countertop, even if I don't respect the weight at all but I respect the order. P

:) It means we both share the merits. I do the same as you, I made the pizza top so many times that now I put the ingredients in my eyes and, knowing the consistency that the dough must have, I finally adjust the amount of flour.

I had too much flour in so much water and oil. I put less. Could it be because I put 650 flour?

Luminita, I'm not very good at flour, I just know that it sometimes differs quite a bit from one producer to another, even when it comes to the same assortment. That's why I wrote in the recipe about how the dough should be obtained :) (meaning to have some elasticity and to give us the certainty that we will then be able to stretch it). I hope you did well in the end and that the pizza counter thanked you.

I also made a pizza counter according to your recipe..I succeeded..I made 2 rectangular pizzas and a round grew f well and came out thin and slightly sticky on the edges..a real success was eaten by all 6 people :)) so I have 3 recipes tried

So you got serious about it :) At this rate, I will have to cook more often, otherwise next year you will already have to find another source of inspiration: D

But from this recipe, that is from about 500 gr. faiana, cam cata pizza iese?

:) Amalia. if you read the recipe to the end, you would find the exact answer in the last sentence: from half a kg of flour I get four pizza tops (each top having a diameter of 25cm).

you have to start cooking :)) I have already checked 5 recipes you will see which I commented on all with daniela .. you are lucky that I have a 5 month old baby who does not let me sit in the pan because it was unfortunate and bitter for the recipes tale :))

Ahhh. and I who thought that now you will make me ambitious to cook more often. : P That's it, I'll keep up until you manage to finish them all and then I'll get to work seriously :)) Now I've figured out what the recipes are, but I think you should still add an initial, just to make sure you're that daniela.

Here I added another initial to know that it's me: P

It's perfect like that, it seems that the name looks even better: P

I'll try tonight too: D. My first pizza was not very good, you say the dough was made of chips :)). It was very thin, but crunchy!

This time I hope that your pizza counter came out properly, it would be a shame to have ruined your evening :)

I made pizza last night, the countertop came out very fluffy. Super, super, super! I will try other recipes from here. I enjoy cooking!

Thank you the same! I'm glad you're not just stopping at the pizza counter and you've already set your sights on other recipes.

The best pizza counter I've ever made. Super recipe! Thank you. I really like pizza and my countertop never came out properly. From now on I can declare myself an expert in pizza :))

:) With pleasure, Simona! Now, as a fresh pizza expert, I recommend that you practice your recipe skill next time. pizzas daisy. I love it madly)

baai I made the dough and now I read that I make 4 countertops from it..I wanted a countertop :)))) now what do I do with the dough?

:))) I say make another 3, or make a big pizza. Seriously, I would be surprised if you only get enough of a pizza a little bigger than a palm (I wrote that 4 countertops 25 cm in diameter come out). Or you could very well make some donuts out of your leftover dough.

yes, that's what I did, I put it in a tray as soon as it enters the oven, and whatever it will be :)) I think it will be 4 cm thick countertop :)) anyway I do it for me so it's not panic..

If you used the oven tray, then you really don't have to worry, I don't think it will exceed 1 cm in thickness. Anyway, next time you will know how to approximate quite well. What's more, now I hope you like pizza and at the end you consider that it was worth the effort: D

It came out like a zozonac =)), anyway the pizza turned out very good, thanks and I will try other recipes from here: D

:)) You don't have to, I'm waiting for you to come back!

thanks for the recipe, very good

With pleasure, I'm glad you found it useful.

I have a few questions with which I ask you to help me: About how long does the dough knead and what does this kneading entail? Do the countertops bake in turn?

The duration of kneading the pizza dough also depends on the intensity with which we make it, so it's hard to estimate :) I think 4-5 minutes is enough, the basic rule is: the more, the better. Kneading involves pressing / flattening / crushing the dough with the palm of your hand. And to describe you even more precisely - you give the dough a ball shape, you crush it, then you restore its shape, and you crush it and so on. It's not a big deal, and as you do it you will gain dexterity. And at the end you can hit it a little on the kitchen counter. If they take place in the oven, the pizza tops can be baked at the same time.

And one more thing ... the dough is placed directly in the tray, without oil, without flour? I hope it wasn't too stressful. Thanks in advance.

Don't worry, no one was born educated :) I hope my tips help you get a perfect pizza counter. I place it directly in the tray, I don't complicate it with oil or flour anymore. Because the already spread dough will no longer be sticky the moment you put it in the tray - this is due to the fact that you will powder your hands, the rolling pin and the worktop with flour while you will spread the dough (otherwise it would stick and it would be difficult to work with him).

And the super recipe makes it. I did it last night and it came out woooow. an extra wheat.

you can also put a little oregano in the dough to give it that characteristic taste, I do that :) Only good!

ps: I don't put the ingredients in the same order [I learned to make the top earlier after another recipe], but it seems to me that the result is the same. Do you think there is a difference?

I think it's a good idea to put a little oregano in the pizza top. Regarding the order in which the ingredients are put, I don't think there is any difference - after all it's a simple bread dough, sometimes I don't even add oil :)

Indeed, a klumea countertop recipe for pizza, I will use this one from now on. I am more and more satisfied with the recipes. I look forward to the next ..success)

Thanks! I'm glad that the pizza top came out to your taste, I hope the same happens with the rest of the recipes on the blog.

:) Well, I said at the end of the recipe that I got 4 round pizza tops with a diameter of 25 cm. If you want me to tell you how big a single square countertop is, then it should be somewhere around 45 cm on the side, which is a bigger idea than the classic oven tray.

delicious, I just finished eating. a fluffy and slightly crunchy countertop, it's exactly like the one I make with yogurt and egg, that's a good name for those who fast and want something more special: D. thanks for the recipe.

With pleasure, Georgiana! So I understand that this pizza counter is not only fasting, but also economical: you no longer spend money on egg and yogurt, and the result is the same. : D

today I want to make this countertop. I hope I get out.

I hope the same, Iulian :) I'll get to work, if you follow all the instructions in the recipe, there's no reason why your pizza counter won't come out.

Dear "man in the pan", thanks for the recipe: the first time it didn't turn out properly, but it was my fault and probably also the yeast and flour used that didn't grow, resulting in a very bad countertop. The second time, today, I changed the flour, the yeast and I respected exactly what you said - clearly superior result. I think I remain your loyal customer for any kind of recipes. Congratulations and many appreciations for everything you do.
P.s: My friend indirectly thanks you for the recipe: I've been beating myself up for years to make the pizza top at home.

Thanks, Diana! I like that you kept your confidence in my pizza countertop recipe, even if it didn't turn out well at first. most of them would have wished me something good and would have migrated to other culinary blogs :) You will see that, as you make the pizza counter (ie after 3-4 attempts, not after who knows what long practice), it will it will turn out even better than today.
Sometimes it's really nice to sit in the kitchen and prepare a pizza with your loved one. I'm not saying now that it's necessarily more pleasant than eating a pizza relaxing in a pizzeria, but that we can play cooking when we don't feel like going out, arranging, meeting people, we spend a lot of money. and reasons can be found :)

cheese telemea
1 slice butter
frying oil

Beat the eggs in a bowl, with a fork or, if there are several, with a fork. Pour the oil into a pan. Add the butter and melt.
In the eggs, mix the grated cheese, then pour the omelet composition immediately over the hot oil. Cover with a lid and leave until the omelette is fried. If the eggs are harder to coagulate in the center, bend the pan, take a tablespoon of hot oil and pour over the omelette, until it is coagulated everywhere.
Remove the omelette from the pan with a spatula. Grate a little cheese immediately over the omelette, sprinkle with chopped green onion leaves and serve hot.

Try this video recipe too

1. Separate the yolks from the egg whites. In the egg whites, add salt to taste.
2. Beat the egg whites with a whisk or an electric mixer. The egg white foam must be firm, so that the bowl can be turned upside down without the egg whites falling.
3. The yolks are also beaten with baking powder.
4. Mix the egg whites with the yolks, taking care to mix lightly from the bottom up so as not to lose the air from the egg whites.
5. Put a few drops of oil in the hot pan and pour the mixture made above. The eggs should be evenly distributed on the surface of the pan. Cover with a lid and simmer for 10 minutes.
6. Fold the omelet into the plate.
Optional: you can add finely chopped parsley or raspberry to the yolk mixture.

3.5 / 5 - 4 Review (s)

100 YEAR OLD RECIPES: Game Puree Soup and Housewife Omelette

In this section, we present you old recipes, taken from various specialized "treaties", specifying, each time, the source.

This week, we offer you '' Soup piurea de v & acircnat '' and '' Omleta gospodinei '', both recipes being published & icircn '' Carte de bucătărie - 1501 dishes '' (1935), with a preface by Constantin Bacalbașa.

Puree soup
Fry half a pheasant or 2 pots, add 250 gr. lentils and simmer until the stew is ready. Fill with meat juice or water. Add the bouquet with parsley, thyme and bay leaf, a chopped onion with 1 clove, salt and pepper. When the birds are cooked, remove the meat from the bones and grind it together with the well drained lentils. Put the puree back on the fire in the water that boiled the elements, then pass it through a thick sieve. Put the puree in the pan again and add the hot meat juice and almost 100 grams of fresh butter. Put croutons.

The housewife's omelet
Take the thick macaroni, put 150 gr. when cooked, when cooked without being soft, take them out and keep them cold. In a large frying pan, boil 4 tablespoons of butter, put the macaroni, brown them well and pour over 5-6 hard-boiled eggs. Salt and pepper. Mix the eggs with the macaroni. To turn the omelet, turn the pan over another pan or saucepan to slide it back into the pan where the omelet will be colored on the other side. Send the omelet on a large round plate.

OMLETA PIZZA & # 8211 YEAR 1976

Beat eggs, season and bake the omelet according to the usual recipe. When the omelette is almost cooked, add the greens, sauce and chopped ham. Cover with tomato slices and then with thin slices of cheese. Bake for a few minutes until au gratin. "

source: Egg preparations, Petrescu Valeria, 1976

  • 6 pieces of eggs
  • 25 g butter
  • a little salt
  • a little pepper
  • 1 teaspoon finely chopped greens (parsley and dill)
  • 3 tablespoons spicy or sweet sauce (ketchup)
  • 100 g of Prague ham
  • 200 g cherry tomatoes
  • 75 g cheese (telemea sheep)

Beat eggs well with a little salt and pepper

Put the butter in the pan and when it is hot add the beaten eggs (care must be taken not to catch the omelette in the pan)

When the omelet is almost ready, add it on its entire surface: greens, sauce (ketchup) and sliced ​​ham

Cover with tomato slices and then with thin slices of cheese

Keep it on the stove for a few more minutes with the lid on or in the oven until the tomatoes soften a little.

The type of cheese is not specified in the recipe, I chose to put old sheep cheese but I am convinced that it goes very well with cheese.
The original recipe recommends spicy sauce but I chose to put sweet sauce.
Super good, delicious. a hearty breakfast.
My recommendation: 5 out of 5 stars.

Greek style omelet

The omelet is a delicious and filling idea for breakfast and more. There are a lot of omelette recipes, from the simplest, to the most complicated, with special ingredients. Today we offer you an omelet & icircn Greek style, delicious and full of protein and vitamins.

The Greek omelette is different from the omelette we know in that it contains onions, feta cheese and kalamata olives, that is, some ingredients from the Greek salad. Basically, it's a combination of a classic omelet and a Greek-style salad.

  • 4 eggs
  • 30 ml of water
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1 red
  • 60 g feta cheese
  • 30 g kalamata olives
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • pepper
  • olive oil

Beat the eggs in a bowl, adding water and a little pepper. No salt is needed because the cheese will be quite salty.

Peel an onion and finely chop it. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into cubes. Put a little olive oil in a pan on the fire. Add the onion and cook for a minute. Add the diced tomatoes.

After a minute, put the peeled olives and feta cheese and turn off the heat. Sprinkle oregano on top. Set the mixture aside while you take care of the scrambled eggs.

Put a little oil in the pan again. Add 2 tablespoons of the egg mixture, so that the omelet cooks evenly. When the edges start to brown, turn the omelette carefully, using a spatula.

When the omelet is almost ready, put a few tablespoons of the chew made earlier and fold the omelet. Repeat the procedure with the rest of the ingredients.

Video: Πώς φτιάχνουμε ομελέτα. Άκης Πετρετζίκης (June 2022).