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Godfather's hen

Godfather's hen

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Take the chicken (to have everything taken out of it) and wash it thoroughly.

In a bowl, mix oil with salt, pepper, paprika and chicken spices.

With this ointment, rub the chicken well and leave it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Then put it on the toaster and brown it, but let it be well penetrated and inside, let it be well done.

If you don't have a toaster, you can do it on the glass.

Take a bottle, made of glass, about 1 liter, fill it on 3 quarters with water, dip the chicken in it.

Put the bottle in a tray, and put water in the tray as well.

put in the oven until the chicken is well done.

when it is ready, take it out of the oven and let it cool.

fry the chicken head in a little oil.

we are preparing a tray.

on it we place some spirandus and some small popcorn.

we put the chicken over.

we catch the head of the hen with some toothpicks.

all around dressed in flowers.

put a rose in his beak.

take a larger piece of foil and fold it into a fan shape.

place it on one side of the hen.

You take this to the restaurant and from there it follows its course, as I wrote in the introduction.

When the cook brings the chicken, you have to put a lit cigarette in her beak (this is how it is done in our area).

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If it is soup, then it must be soured with something at least a little, if not, then this recipe will be called SOUP. `!! Soup and borscht are sour, not soup.

This soup is sour with sour cream, unlike soup in which no cream is added. I would like to invite you to a fair of culinary traditions in the mountain area of ​​Arges county to see together what are the customs and habits. I didn't think this recipe would open up so much discussion on sourness, but it doesn't seem to be. In the area only soups containing smoked meat or potato soup are soured with sour cabbage juice (and this only in winter), and there are a few more soups that are soured with whipped milk / sour cream (eg loboda soup). If you ask the old people, they won't know what a borscht is. I would really like to hear more and discover the culinary traditions from different areas of the country.

Romanian recipes. Oltenian hen

Wednesday of Holy Week is called Holy Mercury. Men go to work in the fields, but women are not allowed to work, because, according to tradition, working as a "mouse" is like bringing rodents into the house and missing the rest of the year on the table. So today. you eat the dishes cooked yesterday. And tomorrow you can cook a chicken from Oltenia!

Lots of assumptions and some precise historical data link Oltenia to Sicily. More jokingly, more seriously, my Sicilian friends call their island the "Oltenia of Italy", and this is primarily due to a linguistic peculiarity: on the one hand, and on the other, the simple perfect is used a lot in everyday speech.

Perhaps, if we did a more in-depth etymological and historical research, we should rather tell Oltenia that it is "Sicily of Romania" - and this is because their ancestors, mercenaries in the Roman legions, were encamped here for about two centuries. But let historians and linguists solve the dilemma. We return to Oltenia, for a chicken recipe from Oltenia.

You need a 1.5 kg chicken, 500 g rice, 6 tomatoes, 2 carrots, a small celery, a parsley root, a parsnip root, two peppers, two onions, 4 cloves of garlic, 200 g mushrooms, 70 m oil, thyme, a bunch of green parsley, salt, pepper.

Banat recipes, online, written in “Banat” words: chicken soup, parrots, salted cheese pie / PHOTO

How about some pork tenderloin or some soup or pie with salted cheese? Do you like traditional products from Banat? From now on you have a site where you will learn how to prepare them. You will find unique recipes, written in "Banat" words & # 8230

It was officially launched on the website, an interactive portal, addressed to all those in love with the culinary traditions of Banat. The Local Action Group (LAG) Recaș Hills is the one that launched this project.

On the site you will find unique recipes, written in Banat words, real treasures preserved in time and now launched on a platform accessible to all.

„Colinele Recaș LAG, with this project, comes in support of HORECA, an industry strongly affected during this period. Here we will organize contests and promote the places where you can buy dishes as it was once cooked, giving those interested the opportunity to promote themselves. Like the website, the two portals are two initiatives, through which we fight the pandemic and we want our old values ​​not to be forgotten in these desperate times. We will not stop here. We invite you to experience this platform too! ”,transmits Cătălin Tiuch, president of the LAG.

The project was developed by Colinele Recaș LAG and funded by CJ Timiș through the cultural agenda.

Raising chickens in the first weeks: Feed recipes and necessary treatments

Roxana Dobre - 28 May 2017 12:06 Photo source:

Feeding chickens in the first weeks of life is essential for the way birds develop and immunize. And the treatments are important for day-old chicks and the use of quality feed is the sure recipe to have healthy chicks but also with the optimal weight for development.

In the case of chicken feed, there are many recipes that can be used: from cornmeal or wheat combined with hard-boiled egg yolk, greens or cottage cheese, to granulated feeds that are administered directly to broilers, from one day until slaughter.

Up to age 6-8 weeks , in general, chickens are fed cereal flour for chickens, ie very finely ground flour. Some commercially purchased cereal formulas also contain an additional anticoccidial product, which is used to reduce the risk of coccidiosis, a common parasitic disease among young chicks that can even be fatal.

If you do not want to use such formulas and want to keep the food as natural as possible, consult the product labels to see if they contain such a supplement or not. Anticoccid supplements are more often used to raise chickens in industrial quantities, in special farms, because the fact that they live in such large numbers in a relatively small space can more easily promote the spread of disease. Corn flour is generally used to feed chickens.

To remember! Whether the chicks are raised next to a nest or the chicks are hatched in the incubator, their feeding and care is done in a similar way.

Careful! The broilers are recommended to be raised until the age of 42 days, maximum two months, a period in which the growth increases are very good and the feed consumption is low. Chickens can continue to gain weight, but feed consumption per kilogram is higher.

From 6 weeks, switch to granular food

When chickens have between 6-17 weeks , they feed on granules or mixtures for larger chicks. They are gradually introduced into the diet to allow the digestive system to adapt to the new type of food. Chicken feed may be made available to them at your discretion, provided you do not provide other food "supplements", but it is advisable to follow the manufacturer's recommendations to dose the optimal amount.

Here are the growth parameters for day-old chicks:

Period Temperature Consumption / weight
1-7 days 30-32C 0.150kg fodder / chicken 115 g
8-14 days 27-29C 0.450kg fodder / chicken 300-400 g
15-21 days 25-27C 0.950kg fodder / chicken 600-700g
22-28 days 23-25C 1,650kg fodder / chicken 900-1100g
29-35 days 21-23C 2,500kg fodder / chicken 1300-1600g

From 18 weeks, chicks need a lot of calcium

If you want to raise laying hens, it is good to know that around the age of 18 weeks, the chicks will already start laying eggs, in which case you should offer them special feed for laying hens. They contain nutrients that maximize the hen's egg potential, especially calcium. Of course, in the case of chicks as well as other chickens that feed on grain, you must always provide them with fresh water at their discretion.

Chickens also enjoy eating other types of food, but it is important what and how much you give them. Greens, fruits, vegetables and even bread are foods that ensure a balanced diet, provided you do not overdo it with bread, because chickens can get too fat and then egg production decreases.

Some farmers also combine feed with cereals such as corn, oats, barley and wheat. The combination of cereals and food scraps such as greens, vegetables or fruits is not recommended, as it takes a lot of experience in raising poultry to establish a diet that contains all the nutrients they need.

Are food supplements necessary?

In general, a combined feed should provide all the nutritional needs that chickens need, but there are also many dietary supplements on the market, such as cod liver oil, fortifying drinks, multivitamins and concentrates, but these supplements are generally used by exhibition poultry farmers. They also focus on the general appearance of birds, including plumage.

A balanced diet, using the right feed is enough to raise chickens that grow harmoniously to maturity.

Necessary treatments:

Administration in drinking water: Novimin Antistress (multivitamins) - for an optimal start. Dosage: 0.5 ml / l water, the first 3 days then every 2 weeks, 3 days each
Nutrisure acidifier (natural product) - antibiotic role and growth stimulator by improving digestion. Dosage: 1 ml / l water, permanent
Vaccination against Pseudopesta on days 9 and 24 and on day 14 against Bursitis.

Careful! In addition to food and treatments, the chicks need other growing conditions. It is necessary to follow the following growth parameters that must be observed in order to obtain good results:

  • disinfection of the shelter
  • fresh water and fodder at will
  • minimum light of 20-23 hours and temperature of 30-32 ℃ in the first week, decreasing weekly by 2 ℃
  • density 12-16 chickens / sqm (after 3 weeks)
  • permanently fresh air and permanently clean and dry bedding
  • air humidity 60-70%
  • vaccination against pseudopestle at 9, 24 and 48 days and bursitis at 14 days.

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How to determine the sex of one-day-old chicks

On the Instagram Agrointelligence you can find the images of the moment in agriculture!

How to gather chicken food

You may accidentally find extra food for the chickens after performing one of the following activities:

  • Defense and attack
  • Recruitment of units
  • Research
  • Construction of buildings
  • Applying spells

The amount of chicken food you find for free is limited to 10 per day. You can buy as many additional ingredients as you want, with gold coins, although the price per ingredient will increase with each purchase compared to the base price (it will be reset at midnight).

Gaina de tara
a carrot,
an onion,
2 potatoes,
2 or 3 tomatoes from the broth for appearance

Put the meat on the fire, froth well.
When it is almost cooked, add the vegetables.
Make the noodles from an egg, 3 tablespoons of water and flour.

Cut fidelities as thin as you can and leave them to dry a little on the table.

The noodles are scalded separately, because otherwise we risk thickening the soup.

Add to the soup, season with salt and a little pepper and at the end sprinkle plenty of parsley.

Here is a delicious video recipe

Chicken borscht with homemade noodles traditional Moldovan recipe

Chicken borscht with homemade noodles traditional Moldovan recipe. How to make homemade chicken borsch or chicken (juice) with noodles or egg rags? Sour chicken soup with a little borscht. What vegetables and greens to add to the traditional poultry borscht? How are homemade noodles made? An authentic Moldovan recipe for homemade chicken borscht. How is borscht made?

This homemade noodle chicken borsch recipe was sent to us by our dear friend Mya Benea from Galați. She prepared and photographed it, following the family's old borscht recipe, as her mother and grandmother do. It is basically a sour chicken soup (juice, zamă) with borscht at the end.

In Transylvania and Banat we make clear chicken soup with homemade noodles or fluffy semolina dumplings, uncooked & # 8211 see the recipe here. They are completely different dishes and that's why I thought I would show you how to make a chicken soup according to the Moldovan recipe.

Of course, the ingredients are very important, from poultry (poultry, country) to vegetables and home-made borscht. See here how it fills up homemade borscht from scratch or with hues.

This recipe is part of The collection of Romanian recipes - 100 years since the Great Unionsee here.

From the quantities below it results approx. 12 servings of chicken borscht with homemade noodles.

Method of preparation:

1. Cut a quarter of an orange and set aside. The remaining part and the second orange are peeled and the film white. Cut into slices about half an inch.

2. The chicken dries well (it can be wiped with napkins or paper towels) and covered on all sides with oil, masked salt, red and black pepper.

3. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Place the orange slices in a layer on the bottom of a deep tray or baking dish. Over the oranges, with the chest down, place the chicken. Put in rolls for 40 min.

4. From the remaining quarter of the orange, squeeze the juice in a deep bowl. If the orange is quite soft then it can be squeezed even by hand, then the seeds are removed.

5. The ginger is cleaned and grated. Mix the orange juice with the ginger, with four tablespoons of honey and add spices to taste & ndash you can add a pinch of red and black pepper. Interfere.

6. Remove the chicken from the roll, carefully turn it upside down and grease well with the mixture of ginger and orange. The easiest way to do this with a special cooking brush.

7. Put the tray with the chicken in the roll again and bake for about an hour, periodically pouring juice from the tray over the chicken. under it the flesh.

8. The ready-made chicken with a red crust can be placed on the whole table, it needs a little cooling, to be divided into portions and to be served together with ripe oranges, pouring the juice from the tray on top.

"Baked chicken with crispy crust, imbir and oranges" - the name itself involuntarily awakens the appetite, but what tasty surprise awaits us when we actually see this culinary masterpiece and feel the aroma of cooked meat ?!

Recipes with chicken eggs

Consult these recipes with chicken eggs and prepare the tastiest and healthiest cranberries with this ingredient. If you need inspiration in the kitchen, see these recipes with chicken eggs and you will surely find what to cook!

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    I have a big problem. I was left with a lot of boiled Easter eggs. So, out of the desire to consume them quickly, not to spoil.

    Pancakes are one of the most popular snacks or desserts and can be eaten at any time of the day. Main.

    Whether you want a more special breakfast, or you want a light and consistent meal at the same time, you can.

    The fresh aroma of nettles will be well valued in a simple preparation. One of the best ways to.

    The Easter holidays are fast approaching and, as every year, we want to have our loved ones gathered around us.

    If you want a unique way of eating, which is also filling, opt for the recipe presented below. With.

    Although the preparation of an eye egg seems a step known by each of us, in reality we can not boast that we get anything.

    Potato tortilla is a Spanish dish known around the world, which is very versatile. It can be served hot.

    Cream mayonnaise is a great option for children to replace a classic mayonnaise, which involves the use of raw yolk.

    Turkey liver pate is ideal in baby food. You can prepare it at home, and you can easily give up shelf products.

    Every year, it is impossible to imagine Christmas without the magical flavors of homemade cakes, which mothers prepared and.

    Video: Toto - Africa Chicken cover (June 2022).