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Egg sandwich

Egg sandwich

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In a frying pan heat the oil and make the egg, (I preferred it to be soft) take out on an absorbent napkin,

Cut the baguette in 2, add slices of tomatoes, egg, slices of milk and cucumber, add 2 slices and serve

When I came to Romania I discovered Telemea cheese. Obviously I knew about feta, which is somewhat similar, but here I had the opportunity to discover the wide range of cheeses that exist in the form of telemea, be they cow, buffalo, sheep or goat, fresher or more mature.

And with the development of the taste for this cheese, I started to include it in the dishes I cook. So I want to share with you two delicious recipes that can be prepared this season.

Asparagus souffle with telemea

It's the asparagus season until the end of June, so I invite you to make the most of it. Yes, you can find asparagus all year round, but why not enjoy it more now, when it's in season?

The asparagus has that hard tail cut off, but because it is not a garnish, it does not need to be peeled. Instead, boil in salted water until soft. We don't want it al dente, but really boiled. Then cut the thin slices. For 6 servings (ceramic soufflé shapes, but if you don't have them, the aluminum ones that can be found in any supermarket are very good) we need 400 g of asparagus. The chopped asparagus is squeezed into a gauze so that it does not have too much water in it, which will then damage the soufflé. To this is added 100 g of aged sheep's milk and 300 g of fresh cow's milk, which is seasoned with pepper and, if necessary, a little salt. Add a tablespoon and a half of olive oil and a tablespoon of freshly chopped thyme. The next step is to incorporate 5-6 beaten eggs (depending on size).

Grease the forms with butter and sprinkle with breadcrumbs, then add the asparagus composition with cheese. Place the molds in a pan with water and place in the preheated oven at 160 o C for 45 minutes.

They can be eaten as a hot snack or as a side dish. And they can be served with Dutch sauce or tomato sauce.

Salmon roll with telemea

For this we need puff pastry and 500 g of fresh salmon. The fish is boiled in water with onion, carrot and celery, two tablespoons of wine, bay leaves and salt. Bring to a boil and then remove the salmon and leave to cool.

Chilled salmon and cut into pieces together with 250 g of crushed telemea are mixed with chopped parsley, mint and rosemary, two tablespoons of cooked rice and an egg yolk.

Spread the dough and place the composition on it, then fold it in half and close. Grease with egg yolk and prick so as to allow steam to escape from the inside during baking. Sprinkle with salt and sesame or poppy seeds or both and bake at 180 o C for 35-40 minutes.

It can be served plain or with sauce to taste, maybe tomatoes, maybe spicy, maybe bechamel.

Sandwich with eggplant and feta

Sandwich with eggplant and feta it is a sandwich that I highly recommend and that I would like to find on the menus of cafes. Perfect for a light snack and so delicious that you feel like licking your fingers. This time I fried the eggplant slices in the oven, but they are certainly very good made on the grill.

I was inspired by Jamie Oliver and it is one of the best sandwiches I have ever tried, so I can only recommend the recipe for eggplant and feta sandwich.

About skewers, egg pita or pita cu bunda

The skewers are called "pita-n ou" in Transylvania. They are known in Hungary as bundás kenyér (bread with bun), in the German space as Ritter weapons (the poor knight) or French Toast (French toast) to British and Americans and finally straight lost bread (lost bread) to the French. Some of those mentioned eat them sweet, powdered with sugar or with jams and jams. In our area (Arad), skewers are eaten salted.

Most often we make skewers with spinach. The Transylvanian spinach dish is the one with milk and garlic & # 8211 the recipe here. How many good childhood memories I have with these kinds!

Older, drier bread is used for skewers. It is a recipe that limits waste. So we don't need fresh bread.

From the quantities below it results approx. 4 servings of frying pans in the oven, respectively 2 slices / person. You can multiply them according to your needs.

French Toast with bacon, egg and cheese

It was morning and the house was full of joy. You have already woken up for an hour or two, because the "joy" must be washed, dressed and sent quickly to school.

But what else to prepare for the little ones for breakfast? To be healthy and new and tasty and something different every day, so that they like it and start their day full of energy. It's not an easy job.

And how to convince adults not to go to school or the office with empty bellies? At least he would take something with him. Sure you put them a little better than I can find at the vending machine for snacks and snacks, but what else to prepare them today?

If you also face such challenges from the early hours of the morning or fall asleep in the evening thinking about what else you can invent, to be successful with breakfast, we invite you to discover some simple, quick and tasty recipes for French Toast sandwiches.

You can prepare them in just a few minutes, without wasting time, from foods that you probably already have around the house. We only offer you a few ideas, but the possibilities are limitless, once you have caught the taste.

Today we present you a simple and delicious recipe, with ingredients that you probably already used for hot sandwiches and that you can't miss: French Toast with bacon, egg and cheese .

Ingredients for a sandwich (1 serving):

  • 1 or
  • 3 tablespoons skim milk (1.5% fat)
  • 1 slice of cheese
  • 1 slice of bacon (which you can cut in half, if it is too long)
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • raspberry syrup or jam (optional, for garnish)
  • Beat the egg with 3 tablespoons of skim milk in a bowl. For a sandwich you will use an egg, but when you want to make more you don't have to put one of each. For example, for 3 sandwiches you will get 2 eggs. Also, for the mixture of 2 eggs it is enough to put a quarter (1/4) cup of skim milk.
  • Melt the butter in a hot pan, at the right heat, then let it simmer, give the French Toast bread slices quickly through the beaten egg, without softening too much, then place them in the pan and let them brown on one side. .
  • Turn a slice of bread on the other side and place a slice of cheese and a slice of bacon on top of it. Put the second slice of bread over them, with the browned side down, over the bacon.
  • When the sandwich you just made is browned on one side, turn it on the other side and leave it until it gets a brass color. This way you made sure that the slices of bread are well browned on all sides, and in the middle are the cheese and bacon, which also integrated perfectly in a compact and delicious sandwich.
  • Cut the sandwich diagonally, to reveal the perfect harmony in which the ingredients melted inside, and you can decorate with 3-4 drops of raspberry syrup or a teaspoon of jam. It will look great, and the taste will surprise you, even if you are not used to putting sweet next to bacon.

Delicious section supported by bread French Toast from Vel Pitar , high quality sliced ​​bread, without E-s and preservatives, obtained through Keine Touch technology, which guarantees that you are the first person to touch the product.

bread slices
2 eggs
50 g of arugula
50 g of green spinach
3-4 strands of green bush
3-4 strands of green parsley
2 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt, pepper - to taste
Optional: walnuts, pine buds, hazelnuts

Boil eggs, harder or softer, as you wish. Prepare the pestle. Put in the blender arugula, spinach, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and nuts, pine nuts or hazelnuts - if desired. Stir until everything is smooth, then add olive oil and mix again. Grease a slice of bread with a generous layer of pesto, add a boiled egg cut in half. Serve with gusto!

Tiramisu WITHOUT egg. The simplest recipe!

Tiramisu is, I think, one of the most beloved recipes by Romanians. This is despite the fact that the recipe is not a traditional one in our country but comes from distant and sunny Italy. I think you already know that a classic tiramisu has a mascarpone cream with eggs. Crude!

Well, the fact that the eggs in the composition of the cream are raw and especially if we do not know how fresh they are, is a reason not to make and not enjoy the wonderful taste of this simple and easy to make recipe.

If you still want a tiramisu with mascarpone cream and egg but do not want the egg to be raw, you can try the version of tiramisu with zabaglione cream that you can already find on the blog & # 8211 click HERE. The cream is not difficult to make and it is worth trying this variant as well.

Returning to today's recipe for tiramisu without eggs, I must tell you that it is a simple recipe, extremely easy to make, fast and relatively economical. That is, it has few ingredients and they can be bought when you find them on offer, at a reduced price. Especially during the holidays you can find champagne biscuits as well as mascarpone cheese at good prices.

If for various reasons you do not drink coffee or want something like a tiramisu you could also try the recipe for cracked with biscuits which you can find by clicking HERE or a cake with biscuits and pear mousse & # 8211 click HERE.

See below how to make a tiramisu with strawberries and chocolate
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Ways to differentiate [edit]

Eggs sold in EU member states must be labeled so that the consumer can identify how to raise chickens. This information must appear easily visible and perfectly legible on the outside of the packaging containing eggs, as well as in the form of a stamp on the eggshell. The following table shows the indications that may be encountered. Some indications may sometimes be accompanied by the words "Improved cages". & # 911 & # 93 & # 912 & # 93 & # 913 & # 93

Stamped code Indication on the packaging
0 "Organic farming"
1 "Chicken eggs raised outdoors"
2 "Chicken eggs raised in halls on the ground"
3 "Battered chicken eggs"

Chicken eggs can be grouped into four weight categories & # 911 & # 93, as described in the following table.

Weight class Description Weight
XL very big at least 73 g
IT big 63 g – 73 g
M environment 53 g – 63 g
S little less than 53 g

& # 8211 a wand cut into 3 segments and then in halves, lengthwise
& # 8211 3 mesh eggs
& # 8211 slices of pork salami (about 12)
& # 8211 leaves from 1 green onion, chopped
& # 8211 Coriander leaves (replace with parsley if you don't have them, but coriander is bad because it makes all the schepsis, so it's worth looking for!)
& # 8211 pickled carrots and radishes, drained well
& # 8211 yogurt sauce

I greased the baguette with sauce and I piled 4 slices of salami, carrots and radishes, an egg and a bunch of green onion and coriander leaves on top. I covered it with the other half of the wand and that's it!

Here's what beauty came out:

Only good for a more flattering breakfast on weekend mornings.

That was the story today. I'm going to talk to my belly and try to convince the offspring to go out into the world!

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